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Lyrical Realism

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

Lyrical Realism is a term I came up with one day to describe my approach to picture making.

Why couldn't visual art be more like other art forms I thought, particularly music - not needing an explanation and yet still communicating feeling?

Rather than literal representation of the world in the most 'realistic' manner possible, such as what a camera would capture, I had come to favour a more poetic interpretation of my subjects. The skill of observation became just one of the tools of art, rather than the point of art.

There are many elements that go into picture making, and many of these are common to music. A lot of the elements that transform mere noise into music, or words into something captivating, are the same things that transform the picture space into something we enjoy looking at.

These strong parallels with music are why I began to use the term 'lyrical' to describe my own approach. Artistic license would take precedence over being objectively accurate.

stippled ink drawing of tree foliage from the artist's sketchbook

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