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Firstly, thank you for stopping by. The internet is a big place, and you’ve chosen to stop for a while at my little corner of it. My name's Christian. I'm an Australian, Brisbane based artist and illustrator, and here's a little about my story.


If I had the choice, I don't think I would change too much about where I am right now. Although perhaps arriving here a little sooner would have been nice. Not that my journey is over, far from it. But the scrambling to find my feet - the choice between being carried by the waves, or paddling my own way has become much clearer.


The journey to finding confidence in my own artistic voice has been rather winding. I've worked professionally as both an animator, and an illustrator. I'm grateful for every project I've been privileged to contribute to.

Each in their own way taught me the discipline of creating for a paying audience. Self-expression would come much later, but crucially, it would be allied with a sincere respect for my viewer, and the desire to provide a positive experience through my art.


Sometimes it takes a global pandemic, and being denied the simple pleasure (as we all were) of sitting under a tree outside to realise the fragility of it all.


This and other personal life events led me in recent years to re-discover the sublime joy of being outside, under a blue sky, among the trees, oftentimes with the wildlife as my only company. I began to take a liking for long walks alone in the bush.


These long walks became a great source of peace and healing. It was during these walks I fell deeply in love with the seemingly endless, and ever-changing beauty of nature. The same walk is never the same. Light shifts with the hour and season, and like a complex multi-layered piece of music, on any given day there's always a different instrument or section that rises to our attention.

I guess you could say my art is a kind of memento, or tribute to that subtle and complex beauty which is too easy to pass-over.


It's my hope and ambition to bring pleasure and beauty to my audience. To continue to develop an honest artistic voice, deliberately free from pretence, or propaganda. It exists simply to be enjoyed.

- Christian

Black and white photo of the artist's studio
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