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About Christian Bocquée


My name's Christian Bocquée. That's pronounced "bow-k" ( just like the logo ). I'm an Australian, Brisbane based artist. I create illustrations for children's books, video games, as well as numerous personal projects such as the recently finished The Very Cross Bun. Some of my professional credits include, character designer for Rumble's Quest, illustrator for Legends in their Own Lunchbox, and even an animation assistant for Disney TV.

If you like you can follow along on your favourite socials. I look forward to sharing many more illustration projects with you.

- Christian Bocquée

Christian is an outstanding illustrator with an ability to create characters with great child appeal and credibility and great skill at conveying the humour which is such an important part of books for primary age children. He was admirably responsive, co-operative, patient and professional throughout this process… I recommend him very highly as an illustrator and team worker – he was a pleasure to work with in every way.

Christian is a passionate and talented artist that I've had the pleasure of working with on several projects. His creative eye was a valuable asset for me while producing animated content for children and I'm proud to have partnered with Christian. I recommend him not only as an artist but one that will work hard and deliver on his promise.

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